Turkish violations on Syrian border intensified … Citizen narrates what is happening there?

A civilian citizen of border villages with Turkey in northern Syria appeared in a video clip obtained by Hawar news agency (ANHA) narrates the frequent targeting of civilians on the Syrian-Turkish border and expresses his resentment at the positions of the international community and coalition forces towards Turkish violations

A Syrian citizen from the border villages in north the country with Turkey complains of the Turkish army's frequent targeting of civilians on the border, speaking in tone of despair on the violations and expressing his resentment at the international society towards Turkish violations.

Zaeem Ezz al-Din Othman, citizen from Sousk village located, west of GIRÊ SPî / Tel-Abyed city in north Syria, spoke about the tragedy suffered by Turkish violations at the border in a video obtained by Hawar news agency.

Zaeem says in an angry tone that his father was killed by the Turkish border guards a year ago when he was working in his farmland. He asserts that they are always exposed to occasional attacks and the last incident occurred two days ago when Turkish soldiers targeted them when they tried to put an electricity generator between their land Agricultural areas adjacent to the border for irrigation.

Ezz al-Din Othman, 57, the father of Zaeem, lost his life on December 24, 2018, from wounds he sustained as a result of Turkish soldiers targeting him on the border while he was working in his farmland.

No confidence in the media and the International Society!

Zaeem believes that the aim of Turkey's targeting of civilians is to incite them to Autonomous Administration. and added. "The homeland that has the martyrs will not accept any other party to intervene, whether it is peacekeepers or others. Turkey now occupies Kurdistan and is trying to divide Syria by separating Afrin of it, and is now targeting civilians. "

They cannot irrigate their crops!

This citizen confirms that he cannot irrigate his farmland. He points out that the Turkish soldiers targeted him when he tried to put an electricity generator in his land near the border to irrigate it, so he is now unable to approach for fear of being a victim of Turkish violations, as had happened with his father.

"They made us a target, whatever I say, I will not be able to express what is really happening here. The United Nations and human rights organizations did not intervene."

They occupied parts of the territories and did not allow the cultivation of other parts!

Zaeem noted that he saw the border open when Daesh mercenaries dominated on the area, that the wall was not built and everyone would go and come back with ease.

For several years, Turkey was the main supporter of Daesh mercenaries. It facilitated the passage of thousands of mercenaries across its border, supported them with money and weapons as part of an agenda within Syrian territory, and the Turkish-Syrian border was open to its citizens when Daesh existed in the border areas.

International Coalition watches and does nothing

"The International Coalition points are close to us; the distance is not more than one kilometer. The control towers see what is happening and the bullets are from where they are going, and who target them, but I think it's hard to get a result."

And added "We live in a homeland where we are prisoners inside our homes, the villages on the border are the same

Zaeem refers to the incident of the martyrdom of the girl Sara Refat Mustafa by the Turkish army on November 1 last year by a sniper shot while she was returning from school in her village Tal Fender west of Tel-Abyed."



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