Turkish violations continue in Afrin, international society neglects

The international community is ignoring the violations committed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin. The kidnappings are increasing day by day, and poverty is spreading among the rest in the region following the looting of their property.


Afrin canton is witnessing a state of instability, security chaos, social and residential destruction and in the buildings, not to mention the killing and kidnapping, and the destruction of nature by uprooting trees, burning forests, and stealing its monuments.

Kidnapping and unknown fate

The Turkish occupation has kidnapped more than 3,000 civilians, including children and women, among them the fate of 850 is unknown, not to mention the release of some of them after paying ransoms and their fleeing from Afrin to al-Shahba for fear of being abducted again.

As part of a series of kidnappings, a source said that the citizen Nadmi Ali from Sherawa district was kidnapped, while he was caring for his sheep in wideners, and 150 sheep with him were stolen to demand a ransom for his release.

While the mercenaries released Mohammed Abdul Hanan from the village of Sheikh Kila in Mobata district three months after his abduction, after being severely tortured and his body mutilated from torture and beating, after the deterioration of his health.

For his part, another source confirmed the kidnapping of employees of the drinking water company in the city of Afrin Ahmed Oso, Shayar Ayubi, Asmahan Jassem, Darine Qassem, Alia Mulla Rashid and Laila Qablan."

The fate of Ismat Khalil Kalu, Sadiq Mahmoud from the village of Kozila in Sherawa district is unknown since the beginning of the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries to Afrin.

Robbery, and imposition of extra taxes

According to media reports in advance, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation caused the loss of the budget of civilians in Afrin more than 130 million euros of looted properties, except for the loss in the destruction of houses and public utilities and others, and the seizure of olive crop estimated at more than 100 million American dollars.

While the mercenaries of Liwa al-Wakas imposed on the residents of the village of Ashka west of Janders which includes 40 families to pay $ 50,000 in exchange for their protection of the village according to their claims.

Religious shrine was destroyed

The Turkish occupation destroyed more than twenty religious shrines for Yezidi, Alawite and Islam sects throughout Afrin canton, with the aim of annihilating the culture and sanctities.

Where a source reported that the Turkish occupation's mercenaries destroyed the shrine of Sheikh Hamid, one of the sanctities of Yazidi community, and set fire to it, which is located 2 kilometers southwest of the village of Qustal Jendu in Shera district.



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