Turkish state kidnaps 2 young people in Hewler

The Turkish occupation army kidnapped two young men in Hewler province under the authority of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iraq in Başûr (southern Kurdistan).

Rojnews received information from local sources that the Turkish occupation army abducted today two young men, "Jihad Salem, 16 years old, and Abdul Qehar Lezgin, 20 years old in the village of Siran located in Beradost in northern Holler province."

According to the sources, the two young men were sheep herders in the area and were kidnapped as they moved from the hotbeds to their homes in the village.

The area where the abduction took place is under the authority of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iraq, which is part of the federal state of Iraq.

The kidnapping took place inside the village and they were released hours later after the intervention of the two families and the district administration.

The village of Siran lies within the administrative boundaries of the Sedikan district in the mountainous region of Beradost, which is experiencing a Turkish military invasion, and has occupied several villages there during various periods this year.

The areas of Başûr are subjected to frequent Turkish bombardment beside aerial bombardment and continued its attacks.



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