Turkish state deports more than 10,000 refugees during month

torture and propaganda against refugees in Turkey are increasing as they are being deported from Turkey to their own country.

Refugees in Turkey are always subjected to torture and detention, and their money and phones are taken away at the border.

According to the Directorate of Migration of the Turkish occupation state, in the first month of 2023 in Acre, Erzurum, Kocaeli, Malatya, Kutahya and Ankara, 1,503 Afghan refugees were deported to Afghanistan, but it turned out that despite regular flights, 3,755 refugees were deported to Afghanistan.

In the first month of 2023, in general, 10,520 refugees were deported and 20,295 refugees were not allowed to enter Turkey.

In 2022, according to Turkish official data, in total 124,441 refugees will be repatriated.

In a related context, human rights organizations said that the Turkish authorities have arbitrarily arrested, detained and deported hundreds of Syrian men and boys refugees to Syria.

Deported Syrians told Human Rights Watch that "Turkish officials arrested them from their homes, workplaces, and in the streets and took them to border crossing points with northern Syria, and forced them to cross under the threat of the weapon".



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