Turkish - Qatari are partnership and financing of terrorism

 Turkey has begun efforts to conclude construction and contracting agreements with the State of Qatar with a view to housing the families of mercenaries loyal to it, in the areas it occupies in northern and eastern Syria.

The Justice and Development Government pursues a policy of genocide in the areas it has occupied in NE, Syria under the name of "safe zone". After Turkey failed to win support from European countries, it headed towards Qatar, which shares a single fate.

On November 25, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Qatar, where he and Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al -Thani presided over the meeting of the fifth session of the Supreme Strategic Committee between Qatar and Turkey, on the sidelines of the meeting, Qatar and Turkey signed seven agreements in various fields.

A series of agreements were signed to strengthen economic relations between the two countries and thus help Turkey overcome its economic crisis and open the way for the flow of Qatari funds to Turkey.

Perhaps the most important of these agreements and understandings in the field of "cooperation in the field of reconstruction", and the agreement "joint cooperation in the field of reconstruction" concluded between the two countries to the areas occupied by the Turkish state in NE, Syria.

Turkey has already worked in cooperation with Qatar to build residential compounds in the area of al-Bab, which was handed over by ISIS mercenaries to the Turkish state. The housing compounds were used to resettle the elements and families of mercenary groups financed by the two countries.

Erdogan had presented to the United Nations General Council the map of residential complexes and settlements to be established in NE, Syria. He sought European support for the implementation of the Realization and Settlement Plan, which is primarily a policy of genocide.

But Erdogan failed to get the necessary support from the European countries, and went to Qatar to obtain the necessary funds to implement his plan.

In the long run, Erdogan plans to occupy all of NE, Syria, build 140 villages and 10 district centers in those areas and evacuation the area from the Kurds.

Qatar and Turkey support terrorist groups

Since the start of the civil war in Syria, Turkey and Qatar are still continued to support terrorist groups. In recent years, several European and Arab countries have raised the issue of support provided by Turkey and Qatar to terrorist groups. Despite all the accusations and evidence, the two countries continue to support terrorist groups.

Within the framework of strengthening strategic relations between Turkey and Qatar and supporting terrorist groups, and within the framework of strengthening military cooperation, the Qatari and Turkish Ministries of Defense agreed to build a Turkish military base in Qatar.

In 2017, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates announced that Qatar was supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS, also, the countries mentioned that the Turkish base in Qatar threatened the security and stability of the region and called for its closure.

After Qatar procrastinated and insisted on the continued support of terrorist groups, the four countries severed diplomatic relations with Qatar. They also imposed economic sanctions on Qatar.

Despite the pressure of the Arab countries mentioned, only Turkey and Qatar have not severed their relations with terrorist groups in Syria.

Turkey has also sought at the international level to lift and end economic sanctions against Qatar. At a time when Qatar was suffering from boycott and economic isolation, Turkey, which saw itself alone alongside terrorist groups, initiated economic deals with Qatar, and in turn strengthened Qatar's economic ties with Iran and Turkey.

Day after day Turkish-Qatari relations are strengthened

Since the AKP took power in Turkey, Qatari investments in Turkey have steadily increased, boosting Qatari investments in banking, media and tourism.

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) has opened large economic fields to the Qatari economy, which has contributed significantly to overcoming the stifling economic crisis in Turkey and obtaining foreign exchange, and has strengthened relations with Qatar to finance terrorist groups.

Qatar, which has been besieged and isolated because of its relations and support for the mercenary group such as ISIS and others, has completely changed its orientation towards Turkey. Despite the pressure, isolation and blockade, Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim announced that his country is making investments worth $ 15 billion in Turkey.

The agreements signed between Turkey and Qatar on November 25 are expected to yield $ 5 million to Turkey.

Qatar is the only Arab country that has declared its support for Turkish occupation attacks against NE, Syria.



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