Turkish Public Prosecution  did not receive Ocalan family

The Turkish prosecution has not received the Ocalan family and the families of three other detainees, who went to the prosecution to file a request to meet with their children detained in the island of Imrali.

The brother of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, Mohammad Ocalan and one of his relatives, Mazlûm Dînç, went to the Turkish Public Prosecutor's Office in Bursa to apply for the meeting, but the prosecution did not accepted .

The brother of the detainee Hamîlî Yildirim Polat Yildirim, and the brother of Omer Hayrî Konar Alî Konar and his sister Veysel Aktaş Sabiha went to the Turkish Public Prosecution to file a request to meet with the detainees but their visit was refused.

 Lawyers' review of the prosecution was refused

The lawyers of Ocalan, Rezan Sarica, Cengiz Yureklî, Nevroz Uysal and Faîk Ozgur Erol had reviewed the Public Prosecution to meet their client, but the prosecution rejected the request for the 802nd time respectively.

Ocalan's lawyers have not met their client since July 27, 2011 on various pretexts, including weather conditions.



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