Turkish police attack MPs of Democratic People's Party

Turkish police attacked gathering of the co -chairs and a number of Democratic Peoples' Party departments that were preparing to release a statement condemning the seizure of municipalities in Bakur by the Turkish authorities.

The co-chair of Democratic Peoples' party, Sezai Tamli, and the co-chairs of Amed municipality, MPs and Democratic Peoples' party administrators gathered in front of the greater Amed municipality to release a statement condemning the Turkish authorities' seizure of the municipalities of Amed, Mardin and Wan.

The gathering had intended to march towards the municipality, but was surrounded by Turkish police and prevented from advancing towards the municipality. When the gathering attempted to march towards the municipality and joining to MPs, the gathering was attacked by Turkish police.

Turkish police opened water on the rally.

Injuries in the ranks of MPs Democratic Peoples' Party

It is reported that the parliamentarian of the Peoples' Democratic Party, Aisha Agar Basharan, was injured by the intervention of the Turkish police, while the police attacks continue.

In a statement in front of the Greater Municipal Building in Amed, co-chair of the Peoples' Democratic Party, Sizai Tamli, called on the people to step up the struggle until the looted rights were returned.

The Turkish authorities blockade the municipality of Amed with armored vehicles and prevent Peoples' Democratic Party members from reaching the besieged building.



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