​​​​​​​Turkish opposition leader to Erdogan: you ask hungry people to boycott French products

The opposition leader in the Turkish parliament, and the leader of the Republican People's Party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu's, attacked Erdogan's call to boycott French products, and also demanded Erdogan and his wife to get rid of their French valuables.

"What does Mr. say? Let's boycott French goods," said Kilicdaroglu's, in a speech to Parliament in the capital, Ankara, in a video he posted on his official Twitter page. Then he added: "Does the situation in which people allow people to buy French goods? People are hungry and you say to them let us boycott French goods, "he said.

The leader of the opposition in the Turkish parliament continued, directing his speech to Erdogan: "You can boycott it (the goods), and the upper class of society can do the same." He continued: "As if the bus driver would say to his wife: (I bought you a French perfume), when he returns home in the evening." According to him.

"If the elite class in the palace wanted to boycott it, then there are French planes that can sell it (referring to AirBus)," said Kilicdaroglu's.

The Turkish opposition leader touched on Erdogan's wife's bag, he said: "The first lady, Amina, uses a $ 50,000 bag that she can set fire to in the garden and say: I protest," as he put it.



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