Turkish occupation's violations, policies in Serêkaniyê to turkificate region

Various violations and practices committed by the Turkish occupation and mercenaries of the "Syrian National Army" stifling the people in light of the continuation of the Turkification policy and demographic change starting from the institutions.

The Turkish occupation and the mercenaries of the so-called "Syrian National Army" launched a military operation on October 9, 2019 to occupy the cities of northern and eastern Syria, where they occupied the cities of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî and reached the outskirts of the two districts of Tel Tamr and Zarkan.

Since its occupation by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries to the present day, Serêkaniyê has been witnessing almost daily violations, in addition to kidnappings, stealing the civilians' property, seizing the unarmed civilians, and renting them to the mercenaries' families.

The city has witnessed in the recent period a systematic process of turkificating the city, changing the names of the city's landmarks, and raising the Turkish flags, in addition to issuing the Turkish "Kemlik" cards for civilians in light of the demographic change process and the displacement of the indigenous people from the city.

Our agency, "Hawar" managed to reach a number of civilians from inside Serêkaniyê city to shed light on the systematic violations and crimes committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, in addition to the turkification policy.

Daily violations by various means

(A.M) from within Serêkaniyê city reported to our agency that they face great difficulties in the presence of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries through the daily violations that civilians are exposed to; the theft of their property and the banditry operations carried out against them.

(A.M) indicated that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries resorted to imposing royalties during the harvest season, and they stole the civilians' harvest and brought it into the Turkish territory.

(AM) noted that since the occupation of the city and until the present time, the mercenaries have stolen and looted the civilians' property and home furniture completely, and they have also burned hundreds of houses under false pretenses.

(AM) pointed out that there is almost daily fighting among the mercenary factions because of their dispute over the sharing of stolen goods, and that has become a direct threat to the lives of civilians because they use all types of weapons.

Demographic change and the sale of civilian property to the mercenaries' families

(A.M) continued his speech that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation brought their families to the city, and inhabited them in the homes of civilians who were forcibly displaced from them. He said: "Every mercenary faction controls a neighborhood in the city, in addition to selling the civilians' shops to the mercenaries' families."

Systematic turkification in the city, its institutions and schools

For his part, the citizen (A.A) from Serêkaniyê city explained that the Turkish occupation more than two months ago began to impose the "Kemlik" similar to the Turkish identity card on the civilians to transfer all their personal information and save it within the information system of the Turkish MIT.

(A.A) pointed out that the Turkish occupation state has opened institutions, appointed people associated with the Turkish MIT in them, in addition to imposing the Turkish language, and raising the Turkish flag within the institutions. He continued: "The people of the city are learning the Turkish language before Arabic in the city, in addition to imposing the Turkish curriculum."

In the context of his speech, (A.A) clarified that the Turkish occupation opened an illegal border crossing between the city of Serêkaniyê  and Jeylan in al-Abra neighborhood.

Arrest on charges of belonging to SDF for those who violate their orders

(A.A) noted that the Turkish mercenaries and occupation impose strict decisions on defenseless civilians who cannot violate their orders and decisions for fear of being arrested on charges of belonging to the Syrian Democratic Forces, or working in the Autonomous Administration institutions.



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