Turkish occupation's crimes, violations scenario in Afrin continue

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries abducted civilians from Afrin canton and demanded ransom thousands of dollars for their release, as the city is ravaged by worsening chaos, looting of the property of the people and the continued demographic change in the area.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in the occupied Afrin canton continue to carry out a series of crimes, kidnappings and killings of civilians, while demographic change of the region is ongoing as Turkey continues its scenario in displacing indigenous people and looting their property.

According to information from the village of Khalil in ​​Shia district in ​​Afrin canton, mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped citizens of the village of Khalil and demanded their families a ransom for release, their names are "Omar Haidar Rashid," and asked the family of the kidnapped $3,000, Mohammed Mohammed Jojan $ 1,500, Hassan Manan Jalo $1,000, Aref Mahmoud Rashid $1,000, Mustafa Aybash Jafar $6,000.

According to other sources, the theft, looting of civilian property and kidnapping continued. Two citizens, Naji al-Ali and Anja Mustafa, were kidnapped and the Turkish occupation army stole the car of Ali Safar Adham.

In the village of Deir Sawan in Shara district, the Turkish occupation kidnapped: Sheikh Mohammed Karz, Renas Mohammed Karz, Shiyar Muhammad Karz, Fu'ad Na'san Barazi, Shaykhmus Muhammad Khalil, Muhammad Horik Osman, Hassan Ahmad Jammu, Roshin Habash Hussein, Manan Anwar Abdullah, Manan Ahmed Agha, Hassan Turki Alak from Zaatar family of the Arab component, and the village is dominated by anxiety and anticipation.

There was also information about the abduction of women and men from the village of Maydan Akbis in Rajo district, namely Amina Hussein, Amina Dawood Akash, Amina Omar and her husband, Farouk Hamid Khalid, Rashid Omar Sido, Shukri Batal Batal, Mustapha Hassan Dodik. Their fate is still unknown and a ransom is requested of their parents.

In the context of demographic change, dozens of families in Afrin continue to live with relatives outside their homes because of the seizure of their homes by mercenaries' families and those who have been resettled.

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army also turned the comprehensive clinics center on the Rajo road into a warehouse for mercenaries' munitions and stole the contents of the clinics.

In the midst of the chaos in Afrin occupied, the locals found the body of a young man in the orchards of Afrin's Basouta village without identifying his identity and the reasons for his killing.

On the other hand, the Turkish occupation army prevents the owners of some olive fields in the plains of Ziravka and Mobata from the plowing and pruning of trees, in order to lease their land to sheep breeders, and punish any complainant.

In the village of Juwaiq, the villagers are forced to buy bread from a specific seller at a higher price, without allowing others to sell it, and about twenty olive trees belonging to the family of Abdul Rahman Othman were cut by mercenaries in the village.



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