Turkish occupation stole "al-Sakhrat" wheat stock to Turkey

Local sources from inside the occupied areas in northern Syria reported that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries had begun to transfer wheat stocks from the al-Sakhrat silos in Girê Sipi / Tal Abyad countryside to Turkey.

According to the source, since yesterday, they began transferring the strategic stockpile allocated to the people of the region through large freight cars into Turkish territory.

Al-Sakhrat silos (10 km north of the village of al-Shirkrak) belong to the occupied Girê Sipi district, and have a capacity of 10 thousand tons.

It should be noted that this theft is not the first, as the occupation and its mercenaries stole wheat crops stored in al-Dahliaz silos months ago, at a time when the remaining residents in the occupied areas suffer from a shortage of bread and a deteriorating living situation, not to mention the insecurity that It was caused by mercenaries and Turkey since they occupied the region.



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