Turkish occupation shot fire at sand quarries' workers on Tigris River

The Turkish occupation army fired with medium-caliber at the workers of the quarries of sand on the Tigris River near the village of "Derka Beravi" in the Dêrik, inflicting material damage to the machineries.

Workers working in sand quarries on the Tigris River, near the village of Derka Beravi in Dêrik area, said that on Sunday morning, the Turkish occupation forces shot fire at the quarries with medium weapons, causing material damage to the vehicles.

Suleiman Khalaf, the owner of one of the quarries, said that the occupation army shot fire indiscriminately at workers and machineries, causing damage to the machineries. Workers were also forced to leave the workplace.

On May 18, the Turkish army forces fired at a quarry on the Tigris River, causing material damage.




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