Turkish occupation shells villages in east of Kobani, infiltration attempt foiled from Jarablous  

Turkish occupation army has been bombarding the villages of Savekt, Bobyan, Kohor Korrya,Shakfat villages since Wednesday dawn, located west of Kobani city, while SDF foiled an infiltration attempt from Jarablus across the Euphrates River.

The Turkish occupation army continues to bombard areas of northern and eastern Syria, targeting safe and populated villages, and in this context, ANHA correspondents said that the Turkish occupation army began from the early hours of dawn the villages of Savekt, Bobyan, Kohor Korrya,Shakfat west of Kobani city.

The SDF used their right to lawful defense and responded to the sources of shelling in exchange for the villages of Savekt and Bobyan, there were direct casualties in the ranks of the Turkish occupation army, while it is not known the number of deaths of the occupation army.

In a related context, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from the villages of Jarablus, Kobani villages on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, and among the villages used by the occupation army and mercenaries as a starting point for the bombing of Amarna village and broadcasting south of the city of Jarablus.

Syrian Democratic Forces responded to the sources of shelling within the framework of its right to lawful defense of civilians who are being bombed, and achieved direct injuries among the mercenaries of the occupation army amid the information on dozens of deaths among the mercenaries.

In another context, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army tried to infiltrate from Jarablus through the Euphrates River to the east bank of the river, but the SDF repelled the attempt and failed.



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