Turkish occupation sets up 2 new settlements in occupied Afrin's Shera

The Turkish occupation state continues its crimes in the occupied canton of Afrin, as it established a new settlement in the village of Kafr Rumah of Shera district, and another near the same village.

The Turkish occupation state, and its mercenaries spare no effort in committing crimes and violations in Afrin canton against its people, nature, heritage, and societal landmarks.

ANHA correspondent was informed by sources from the canton that the Turkish occupation constructed a new settlement in the village of Kafr Ruma in the Shera district in order to relocate the families of its mercenaries.

According to the sources, the settlement consists of 50 buildings, each building consisting of 4 floors.

The same sources confirmed that the occupation is working on construction another settlement near the same village, which includes more than 200 housing units.



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