Turkish occupation sends new reinforcements to support its gangs 

The violent clashes are still ongoing in the so-called demilitarized zone, despite the fact that Russia and the Turkish occupation have declared a "truce" in them, while Turkish occupation sends reinforcements to the area to stop the advance of the regime's forces, and the Turkish occupation's mercenaries accuse the regime forces of using "chlorine gas

Despite the truce declared by Russia in Syria, which is imminent to be finished, clashes continue between the regime's forces backed by Russian aviation and Turkish occupation's mercenaries, led by the mercenaries of Hay'at Tharir al-Sham (HTS), previously Jebhet al-Nusra, amid Turkey's continued support for mercenaries in a move to get around the Russians through the clashes in Latakia.

The Turkish occupation and after the dispatch of mercenaries from Jarablos, al Bab and other areas to Idlib and Hama to support the mercenaries of Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham/ Jebhet al-Nusra, and mercenaries of the "National Front", sent mercenaries to that region of his factions within the city of Afrin occupied, to reach the fronts of the villages of west and northern countryside of Hama, among these mercenary gangs is the so-called "Faylaq al-Awal" belonging to the so-called mercenaries of the "National Army". These reinforcements included heavy and medium weapons

Media sites belonging to the mercenaries that they destroyed a military car Ziel full of elements of the regime forces on al- Huwiz in Sahal al-Gab in the western countryside of Hama. While killing and wounding a number of elements of "Faylaq al-Kamas" Fifth Corps of the regime forces after trying to progress on the axis of al-Bowaydah in the northern countryside of Hama.

For its part, the artillery of the regime forces which are stationed in the village of al-Karim shelled villages in Jabal Shehshabu in the western countryside of Hama and the town of al-Habit from the Russian camp in the village of Bredig, in the north-western province of Hama. In the shelling, a woman and a child were killed and another person was wounded, while the regime announced that they had killed dozens of Turkish mercenaries

In the targeting of Russian aviation sites of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in Idlib, Mariam Hospital for obstetrics in the city of Kranabal south Idlib was exposed to the bombardment and became out of service, While the Russian Ministry of Defense admitted the killing of two of its militias, and the injury of 7 others in the vicinity of Idlib during a bombardment by Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham's mercenaries and Turkish occupation.

After the transfer of the Turkish occupation of the clashes to Lattakia to be able to support its mercenaries in Idlib, Turkish occupation had accused through gangs' media that the regime and Russians to target mercenaries with chlorine gas poison in those areas.

While the Syrian Government denies having ever used the chemical weapons, for his part said an official source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the system told "SANA" Armed terrorist gangs and some of its media, under the guidance of its operators, where false information was fabricated of using chemical weapons in of Qubani in the countryside of Latakia."



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