Turkish occupation planes bomb legitimate defense areas

The People’s Defense Forces noted that the Turkish occupation planes bombed the areas of Qandil, Kari, Matina, Pasia, and Zab, which are located within the legitimate defense areas "Medya", and resulted in damage to the property of the people.

The People’s Defense Forces issued a statement to the public opinion about the Turkish occupation planes' bombardment of the legitimate "defense" Medya areas on the 15th and 18th of February.

The statement stated:

"The Turkish occupation army planes bombed legitimate defense areas

At 14:30 on February 15th, Turkish occupation planes bombed Nahla Plain in Kary area, and at 16:15 on the same day, the planes bombed Basya valley of the Afashin region.

At 14:00 on the date of February 18th, the Turkish occupation planes bombed Colca belonging to the area of ​​Matina, and at 15:30, the planes bombed the village of Anza, which is located in the Qandil area,and Jamjou area of ​​the Zab region, too.

Our fighters were not injured by the shelling, but in Anza village, the shelling resulted in physical damage to the property and fields of the people.


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