Turkish occupation mercenaries heavily shell al-Bab’s liberated villages

Al-Bab Military Council announced that the villages of Al-Bab were hit by more than 70 shells by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, targeting the villages adjacent to the line of contact between the Al-Bab Military Council forces and the mercenaries of the Euphrates Shield in the eastern countryside of Al-Bab.

This came in a statement made by the leader of the Al-Bab Military Council, Nader Al-Machnouk, in which he confirmed that the mercenaries of Turkey, almost daily, shell villages on the contact line of their forces with the mercenaries of the Euphrates Shield, "which aim to destabilize security and stability in the region."

The villages of Kawakli, Girhiyok, Jabalat al-Sayadah, Qurt Wiran in the eastern countryside of al-Bab were subjected to artillery shelling this week, from the Turkish bases deployed in that area, especially the Sheikh Nasser base.

Nader Al-Machnouk confirmed that civilians in those villages were injured as a result of the Turkish shelling, including women and children, indicating that more than 70 shells had fallen in those villages during the past two days, in addition to the damage caused by the bombing to civilian homes.

The council confirmed that their fighters are stationed on the front lines to protect civilians from Turkish fire and their mercenaries.



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