Turkish occupation kidnapped 4 citizens from Afrin

On Saturday evening, 4 citizens have been kidnapped by Turkey's gangs from Afrin residents and took them to unknown destination.

According to sources from the city of Afrin, Al-Hamzat mercenaries belonging to the Turkish occupation army, yesterday abducted 70-year-old Hanif Issa from the village of Jokah of the city of Afrin.

On the other hand, a source from Janders district said that the Turkish occupation's mercenaries kidnapped 3 young people from the district, on Saturday, namely Mustafa Khiro Mamilko from the village of Ashka west and Mohammed Ramzi Khalil from the village of Haj Hasna and Abdo Mustafa Mohamed from the village of Khalta.

The fate of these abductees remains unknown.






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