Turkish occupation, its gangs demolished civilians' homes in Sharkrak village

​​​​​​​The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries demolished a number of houses in the occupied village of Sharkrak, after their inhabitants were displaced from them, according to sources from within the village.

Local sources reported that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries began demolishing the homes of displaced civilians from the southern village of Sharkrak, located in Ain Issa district, adjacent to the international road m4 since yesterday.

ANHA agency obtained the names of those whose houses were demolished, namely, “Mutlaq Hamad al Abo, Talaq Hamad al Abo, Hamad Talaq al Abo, Muhammad Ali Talaq al Abo, Nafal Hamad al Abo, Hussain Nafel al Abo, Abdul Aziz Mutlaq al Abo, Dahm Mutlaq al Abo, Ghazi Mutlaq al Abo, Mahmoud Ahmed al-Qarajeh, Muhammad Ahmad al-Qarajah, Qarajah Ahmad al-Qarajah, Ahmed Ibrahim al-Abdullah, Khaled Ahmed al-Abdullah, Kamal Mohammed al-Ghazad, Ahmed Abdul Hamada, Mohammed Abdul-Abdullah, Abdul-Ahmad al-Hamada.

According to the sources, the demolitions are still continuing until the preparation of this news.

Those who have been displaced from Sharkrak village's people, after occupying their village by Turkish occupation and its gangs are staying in Tel-Abyed camp, which was established by the Autonomous Administration to accommodate the refugees from Tel-Abyed and its countryside.



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