Turkish occupation hides its agents in Afrin, announces them kidnapped

Pages on the social media sites of the Turkish Intelligence MIT service announce news of the kidnapping of people who mainly work with MIT, with aim to hide their clients.

The Turkish occupation is sending some of its clients to Turkey to subject them to special training, and it promotes on social media sites that these people have been kidnapped, in order to hide them from view, and mislead the people.

A source from inside the occupied province of Afrin confirmed publishing pages on the fake social media of the Turkish intelligence, news of the kidnapping of a number of civilians within the occupied Afrin canton, and they were originally agents for them, to be sent to Turkey to receive training, and assign them to special tasks.

The source mentioned some of the names of the clients of the Turkish occupation, Fadel Horo, who is from Rajo district in Afrin canton, and he is the head of what is known as the local council for the district of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, and the client Muhyiddin Sheikh Naasan, and the deputy head of what is known as the relief office in occupied Afrin, and Muhammad Shaaban bin Ahmed from Bulbul district and he is a member of what is known as the local council in Bulbul district, and the defected officer from the Syrian regime forces Manan Hanan Habib from the village of Qurnah of Bulbul district, and he works as a trainer for the mercenary factions, which are called (the Syrian National Army) )


The source explained that these persons are being subjected to training courses in Turkey, and they are now at the head of their work that was assigned to them by the Turkish occupation in the occupied Afrin.



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