Turkish occupation forces bombs government forces in Idlib amid intense flying of Russian warplanes

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the Turkish occupation forces shelled the sites of the Syrian government forces in the town of Saraqib in Idlib countryside, while the latter renewed its bombing of the area amid an intense flying of Russian warplanes.

The Syrian Observatory said: The Turkish occupation forces carried out a missile strike today, on areas in the town of Saraqib, which is controlled by the Syrian government forces in the eastern Idlib countryside, without information on casualties.

While government forces renewed their missile strikes on the southern countryside of Idlib, targeting sites in Kansafra, Falifel, Sufouhn and Al-Fateera, and Russian warplanes also flew over the Idlib governorate.

The Syrian Observatory monitored, after dawn today, Monday, air strikes, carried out by Russian warplanes on places in the city of Binsh and its surroundings and its outskirts in the Idlib countryside, where it targeted the region with more than 10 missiles.

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