Turkish occupation forces bombard sites of Regime Forces

The Ministry of Defense of the Turkish occupation said that its forces occupying points in Syria bombed sites belonging to the regime forces, and considered that the bombing was in response to an attack on the so-called "checkpoint" in Idlib.

The Turkish Defense Ministry announced on Friday the killing of one of the Turkish military and wounding three others in an attack on the so-called "checkpoint" for Turkey in the Idlib area, indicating that "the Syrian regime forces are behind the incident."

The attack was carried out with artillery and mortar shells and was believed to be "deliberate," noting that the injured were evacuated from the checkpoint and taken to hospital for treatment.

According to the statement, "the Turkish Chief of Staff summoned the Russian attache at the Moscow Embassy in Ankara, and informed it that the response to the attack will be harsh."

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the forces of the regime targeted a point occupied by Turkey in Sher Maghar in the northern countryside of Hama yesterday night, and confirmed that the Turkish occupation forces responded by shelling the checkpoint of the regime forces in the plain of the jungle in rural Hama.

The Observatory also pointed out that the mercenary groups of Turkey bombed the positions of the regime forces rocket launchers in the area of ​​Qeber Feda and its surroundings at the plain of the jungle in the northern countryside of Hama in response to the bombing of the regime forces of the Turkish point.


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