Turkish occupation expels workers from Aluk water plant, stops it from work

On Monday evening, the Turkish occupation army stormed the water station in Aluk village in Serêkaniyê countryside, expelling its employees and shutting the station down.

Workers in Aluk drinking water station east of Serêkaniyê city, which supplies al-Hasakah city and its environs, stated that today, the Turkish occupation army broke into the station, threatened its employees, expelled them from the station and stopped the plant from work, which led to the interruption of water from al-Hasakah canton and its countryside.

It is worth mentioning that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, since their occupation of Serêkaniyê and its countryside, have targeted the plant several times and stopped it from work, which caused human catastrophes due to a long interruption of water from tens of thousands of residents in al-Hasakah and the displaced people there.

Furthermore, the technical teams managed to reach, re-maintain and operate the station, but today, the occupation army returned to stop this station and prevent drinking water from reaching the residents of the region, which poses human catastrophes in the event that the station’s stopping from work is prolonged.



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