Turkish occupation evacuates villages to build military bases

The Turkish occupation of Darwish village in Rajo district completely evacuated the village from its inhabitants to build a Turkish military base there.

Under the policy of evacuating the villages of its original inhabitants and turning the villages into military places, the Turkish occupation empties the border villages in Afrin from its population.

According to a special source from Afrin that the Turkish occupation emptied the village of Darwish of Rajo district of the entire population to build a military base.

The source pointed out that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have uprooted thousands of olive trees in the villages of Darwish and Jia and above Mount Bilal in Rajo, between the villages of Kafr Jennah and Matina in Shara district, and in the villages of Hamam and Marawania Foqani and Tahtani and Ashkha Gharbiya in the Janders district.

and Ashkha Gharbiya in the Janders district.


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