Turkish occupation enters settlers into GIRÊ SPî/ Tel Abyad

The Turkish occupation today introduced a batch of settlers to the city of GIRÊ SPî/ Tel Abyad, as part of its operations to change the demographics of the region, after the displacement of its indigenous population.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra began their aggression against northern and eastern Syria on October 9, with the aim of eliminating the democratic project in the region and changing its demographics.

As a result of the Turkish aggression, which continues, thousands of people from the border areas were forcibly displaced as a result of the targeting of civilians by Turkish occupation and massacres against them using all types of weapons, even internationally prohibited.

The Turkish occupation seeks to change the demographics of the areas it occupies in northern Syria as part of its expansion plans in the new Ottoman Empire in the neighboring countries, and did so in both Idlib, Jarablous and the city of al-Bab and Afrin in northern Syria.

After occupying the cities of GIRÊ SPî / Tel Abyad and Serêkaniyê, the Turkish occupation changed its demographics by forcibly displacing its inhabitants and then began to change the features of the cities from their names and the names of districts, neighborhoods, schools and distribute areas to mercenary gangs.

In this context, a number of photos and information on the entry of a group of settlers into the town of GIRÊ SPî / Tal Abyad from the border gate were posted on the websites. Other videos and photos of the seizure of houses and shops belonging to citizens of mercenaries as spoils appeared with the names of mercenaries who took over houses or shops.





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