Turkish occupation enters a military convoy into Syrian territories

The Turkish Occupation Army has entered 20 military vehicles from Kafr Lucin crossing into Syrian territory and has headed towards the so-called observation points.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed today, a military convoy of the Turkish occupation entered from the Kafr Silosin crossing north of Idlib, towards so-called observation points within the "de-escalation" area.

The observatory said that the Turkish convoy was composed of about 25 vehicles containing military and logistical equipment.

Thus, the number of trucks and military vehicles that reached the "de-escalation" area during the period from February 2 until now has increased to more than 6,100 Turkish military vehicles and vehicles that entered the Syrian territory, carrying tanks, personnel carriers, armored vehicles and “guard cabins”, while the number of the Turkish soldiers who are deployed in Idlib and Aleppo has reached more than 10,300 Turkish soldiers.

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