​​​​​​​Turkish occupation digs ancient Kukan hill, arresting 2 young men

​​​​​​​The Turkish occupation's mercenaries continue to dig archaeological sites in Afrin canton, with the aim of looting and stealing, in addition to the continued kidnapping and arbitrary detention.

Special sources have reported to ANHA agency that the Turkish occupation mercenaries have excavated archaeological sites in the occupied Afrin canton. According to the sources, the occupation mercenaries excavated Kukan hill in the Mobata district of Afrin canton with the aim of looting the antiquities and transporting it to Turkey to be sold.

Since Turkish occupation and its gangs occupied Afrin canton in March 2018, has not stopped their practices and violations of the region's population, nature and monuments.

In the context, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation forces arrested two young men from Afrin because they set fire in celebration of Newroz night.

Other sources also reported to ANHA agency that the mercenaries of al-Amshat, which belongs to the Turkish occupation, had arrested two young men, whose name are Kanwar Muhammad Rashid and Aref Ahmed Kilo, from the village of Anqleh in Shia district of the occupied Afrin canton.



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