Turkish occupation cuts water to Al-Hasakah, Water Directorate demands it be taken out of occupation's control

The Turkish occupation and the Syrian National Army mercenaries cut off the water again from Hasakah canton again without knowing the reasons, and the water director appealed to humanitarian and international organizations to intervene to take the station under the control of the occupation and its mercenaries.

After the occupation of Serekaniye, the Turkish occupation and the Syrian National Army mercenaries cut off the water from the city of Hasakah for a period of approximately two months, but after several interventions from the Russian side, the city was deprived of water and the maintenance workshops entered then to the station.

On the 24th of last February, the occupation and its mercenaries removed the workers from the station, and also stopped it from operating, but after a week and several meetings between the Russians and the occupation, the station returned to work again.

In continuation of its violations and criminality, the Turkish occupation yesterday removed the workers from the Alouk station and deprived cities of Hasakah canton of water, which hosts thousands of displaced persons from the areas of Serekaniye and the villages near the clashes.

The co-chair of the Directorate of Water in Hasakah canton, Suzdar Ahmed, told Hawar News, "Since yesterday the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries cut off water to the people of the city of Hasaka and its environs. It is assumed that the Russian state was the guarantor of supplying the city with water, but they did not play their role well."

"turning off the station is considered a catastrophe, as more than a million people in the city are without water," Suzdar Ahmed added. "Until now, we do not know why the station ceased to operate, since three days ago mercenaries prevent the station workers from entering it."

"According to the capabilities available to us, we will distribute water to the people through tanks, and dig wells suitable for home use in the streets, we have several projects, some of which we started with and others soon, we will start with, and we will face this crisis like every time."

She appealed to the co-chair of the Water Directorate in Hasaka, humanitarian and international organizations to intervene and take the station from the hands the occupation and its mercenaries, and demanded the people to preserve the water they have and consume it according to the need.

Of note, Alouk Station is a strategic station that feeds the city of Hasaka, the area of ​​Tel Tamr, and the southern areas of Hasaka, such as al-Hol, Arisha, Al-Shadadi and Merkada, in addition to the camps within the region, such as the camp of Arisha, Al-Hol, and Washukani.



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