Turkish occupation continues its efforts to cut out Afrin lands

The Turkish occupation army continues its occupying policies of the Syrian lands and attempts to cut out them and annex them to the Turkish lands, as it recently expanded the construction of the separation walls by a distance of approximately 800 m and a distance of 1 km in different areas in Afrin canton.

A source from within Afrin canton told our agency that the Turkish occupation army continues efforts to cut out the Syrian lands and annex them to Turkish lands. During the past three months, it began building new concrete walls inside Afrin lands, and after the emergence of the Corona epidemic, it stopped the action for a month and a half to now continue the construction in attempts to deduct the lands of Afrin.

The source indicated that the Turkish occupation army expanded the construction of walls on Shangeleh village's lands of ​​Maidana area, as it removed the previous border walls and built them within the territory of Afrin, approximately 800 meters away from the previous Turkish border. In this process, they have seized thousands of olive trees belonging to the people of the region.

On the other hand, the source indicated that the Turkish occupation army continues to occupy the lands of Afrin in Bulbul district as well. In the village of Za'ara, the Turkish occupation army brought forward the border wall with a distance of 1 km, which led to the annexation of the road linking the village of Shangeleh and Za'ara to the Turkish territory.

It is worth noting that the Turkish occupation army had annexed the Sheikh Hamza cemetery located in Za'ara village to the Turkish lands by building a wall behind it, which prevented civilians from visiting the graves of their dead in this cemetery.


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