Turkish occupation captures Sheikh of al-Naeem clan in Syria

On Wednesday, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries arrested Sheikh Anizan Ahmed, the most prominent Arab tribal sheikh, from his home in the occupied GIRÊ SPî.

Sources close to Sheikh Anizan's family told the German news agency (DPA) that 6 cars belonging to the Turkish occupation army in Tal Abyad city, including an armored vehicle, were stormed Sheikh Anizan's home, aged 75, in his village Mashraft Sheikh Ahmed, located 7 km east of the city of Tal Abyad and took him to investigate.

The sources added that Sheikh Anizan, who is considered one of the most prominent sheikhs of the Arab clans in Syria and the sheikh of the Arab clan of al-Naeem in al-Raqqa province, left his village after the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories, and returned to his home in mid-March.

For its part, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHE) confirmed that Turkish armored vehicles raided with mercenaries supported by Turkey, today, the village of Mashraf Sheikh Ahmed in the countryside of Tal Abyad, and arrested one of notable of al-Naeem clan, accusing him to belong previously to SDF Tribal Council, whose fate is still unknown till now.



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