Turkish occupation burned more than 11 thousand hectares of Afrin forest

The Turkish occupation is fighting against the nature of Afrin and its forests by setting fire to trees and uprooting trees, by trying to destroy the nature of Afrin.

The Turkish occupation began on 15 April last month by re-igniting fires in the forests of Afrin and agricultural land, the last of which was the night of May 19 in the burning of agricultural land in the village of Gundi Mazen in the district of Shirawa.

The Turkish occupation uprooted olive trees and forest trees within vast areas and set fire to those lands.

According to local sources, the Turkish occupation set fire to the forests of Tetra, Qusiri and Qazqli of Janders district, in addition to an area between the villages of Kubk and Siwa of Mobata district.

Approximately 11,000 hectares of the 33,000 hectares of natural and planted pine forests in Afrin were exposed to fire.

The source confirmed that the flow of wood and coal extracted from the uprooted trees to the markets of the occupied areas of "Afrin, Azaz, Bab, Jrablos, and Idlib", and the price of one ton of firewood increased to 15 thousand Syrian pounds.

Re-burning forests

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation are returning to burning the forests and trees of the mountains in Afrin in a sequential manner.

The mercenaries also burn the mountains of Sarsin, Kharbet Samaq, Koria, Kamrash, Surkha and Raju districts, mercenaries also replicate fires in nearly half of the forests of the Hawar Mountains (Bafran, Qalqat Hawar, Risha Asieh), in the mountains of the villages of Rawata (the mountains of the valley of Jahnem), Ramdana and Korda in the direction of Mobata, and in the forests of Tetra, Haj Hesna, Qazqali, Sheikh Mohammed,Jolaqa of Jandres district and the forest in Midanki Lake.


A number of civilians are kidnapped and abused with the aim of extortion or ransom demand every day in Afrin.

The kidnapping of teachers in the schools of Afrin has been kidnapped math teacher Mohammed Hassan from the village of Qustal Mekdad in Belbela district for nearly 20 days and his fate is still unknown.

 According to a source from Afrin, the mercenaries of Ahrar al-Sharqiya army raided and assaulted the home of a woman in the center of Afrin, and attempted to kidnap her child.

As the so-called Local Council of the Turkish occupation every day issued new fatwas to the people, the Council issued a decision to impose a royalty of 10% on the quantities of olive oil exported out of the city.



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