Turkish occupation atrocities continue in Afrin, uprooting olive trees, kidnapping civilians

The Turkish occupation mercenaries cut olive trees in Shia district, amid the continuing crimes of kidnapping civilians and plundering their money.

The crimes of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue in Afrin, and according to the information that a local source from Shih district conveyed to our agency's correspondent, the mercenaries of the so-called " Liwa Waqqas ", on September 27, cut down 100 olive trees belonging to the citizen Muhammad Suleiman Ibrahim from the village of Heikjah.

The occupation mercenaries cut down the forest and fruit trees in occupied Afrin, especially the olives, to trade their firewood, and according to previous information, tons of firewood are transported to the Turkish interior and sold in the markets.

In the meantime, abductions of civilians continue, to demand a ransom from their families for his release. According to what was reported by a source from Mobata district, the mercenaries of "al-Amashat" of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped civilians from the village of Shitka on September 26.

While the source mentioned the names of the kidnapped, they are Kamal Muhammad Hamid Zeno, 40, and Walid Muhammad Zeno, 35, while their relatives demanded 150,000 Syrian pounds in exchange for their release.



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