Turkish occupation armys open fire wounding two civilians in Derik

Two civilians, residents of Mazra Bani and Mazra Khuwari, in the Baraf area of ​​Derik, were wounded, one of them critically, while they were passing by the road between the two villages to collect seeds to cultivate and cultivate their lands.

The Turkish occupation army opened fire at citizens from the villages of Mazra Bani and Mazra Khawari while they were passing on the road connecting the two villages to collect seeds and cultivate their land.

The two wounded were transferred to Derik Hospital, namely: “Haytham Ali from Mazra Khawari, and Shafan Bouti from Mazra Bani village,” who was wounded in the leg, which led to cutting nerves and breaking his leg bone as a result of a sniper shot, and he had an operation;  bleeding stopped and his condition is stable according to doctors.

Of note, there are frequent cases of sniping and firing of live bullets by the Turkish occupation army on farmers, peasants, and people in the border areas.




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