Turkish occupation army shells Qamishlo, one civilian martyred, 3 wounded

The Turkish occupation army shelled Qamishlo with heavy artillery, killing one civilian and injuring 3 others who were transferred to the city's hospitals.

The Turkish army continues to shell and bombard the cities, towns and villages along the northern and eastern borders of Syria.

In this context, our correspondents from the city of Qamishlo reported that the Turkish occupation army continues to shell Zaytouneh neighborhood and the village of Serê Kaniyê in Qamishlo with heavy artillery, which led to the death of a civilian named Suleiman Abbas Shaker from Helwat al-Sheikh.

Three others were injured and taken to hospitals in the city for treatment.

It is noteworthy that the bombing of the Turkish occupation army on the city of Qamishlo on Thursday caused the death of Bashira Mohammed Kabbush in the neighborhood of Qaddour Beyk, while seven citizens were injured in the bombing, Ahmed Abdullah 28 years old, who was accompanied by his mother, "Bashira", who was martyred by the bombing of the occupation on Qaddour Beyk neighborhood, and four other citizens from the same neighborhood were identified as Kaniwar Ali and Dalil Ali, and two brothers were injured in Hilaliya neighborhood.


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