Turkish occupation army receives painful blows in Avaşîn , Heftanîn

​​​​​​​The Media Center of the Kurdistan People's Defense Forces (HPG), issued a statement to the public opinion saying that the Guerilla Forces and the Women's Units - Star were able to direct painful blows to the Turkish occupation army in the  Avaşîn and Heftanîn regions.

 The text of the statement issued by the media center of the HPG reads as follows:

 The Revolutionary Khabur Resistance campaign in the Heftanîn area.

 On September 18th, at exactly 11 AM in Kurdistan time, fighters from YJA-STAR carried out a specific operation in Partîzan Square against the Turkish occupation soldiers stationed on the hill of Qasirok.  During the operation, the fighters were able to deal direct and painful strikes to the soldiers of the Turkish occupation.

 Revolutionary Hawks of the Zagros campaign in Avaşîn

 On September 18th, at exactly 2 AM, our forces carried out a retaliatory operation against the Turkish occupation soldiers who were trying to advance in the square and its hills.  The operation resulted in clashes in which our forces managed to defeat the occupation soldiers and force them to withdraw from the area.  In conjunction with the clashes, the Turkish occupation forces targeted Berxwedan Square with explosives three times in a row, and then tried to install military cameras for surveillance and planted explosives in the Square.  For its part, our forces intervened and carried out a qualitative operation from a very close distance, using individual weapons, and they targeted the Turkish occupation soldiers.  During the operation they managed to destroy all military equipment and explosives and force the enemy to withdraw.

 Attacks on Berxwedan Square in Werxilê area of the Avaşîn region

 On September 12th, the Turkish occupation forces bombed with obis and mortars, Birbla Square in the Heftanîn area and the vicinity of Banikê village.  On September 13th,  the Turkish occupation forces launched a large-scale military campaign in the region.  On the same day, the Turkish occupation forces ended the operation without achieving any significant results and withdrew from the area.  However, the intense artillery bombardment on the area led to huge material losses in the fields, lands and properties of the villagers in Southern Kurdistan.

 On September 18th, at exactly 6:40 PM, the Turkish occupation warplanes bombed the village of Sei in the Dinarta district, located in the Akrê region.

 On the eighteenth of this September, in the middle of the night, the Turkish occupation helicopters hovered in the Avaşî area, specifically over the squares of Mêrvanos, Tabûra Araban, Girê Spî and Tel Suleiman.  Simultaneously, other helicopters bombed the squares of Tel Qartal, Stûnê and Kleia Basya Square.

 On the same day, at four o’clock in the afternoon, Kurdistan time, and today, corresponding to September 19, the Turkish occupation’s Obis guns, which are deployed along the border, bombed the yards of the Qamariya Castle in the Matina area and the vicinity of the village of Haruri.

 Today, corresponding to the nineteenth of this September, at exactly 6:15 am, the Turkish occupation forces attacked with explosives Barkhudan Square in the Afashin area.


 Source: Roj News

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