Turkish occupation and its mercenaries bombing and destroying houses in Gire Sipi (Tal Abyed) countryside

Within series of violence and crimes in occupation area the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries bombed and destroyed dozens of houses of people that forcibly displaced from their homes and with argument that their sons are members in SDF  

Local sources confirmed  that the Turkish army used bulldozers to cliff and destroy villager houses in Giri sipi/Tal Abyed  countryside while the mercenaries had bombed number of houses after looting it with the arguing that their sons are members  in SDF

The source pointed that most of the villages that had been bombed and cliffed most of this  houses is in " koramaz" village which located 30 km south Til abyed that’s mean it located near M4 international road

And this violence comes between the the policies of the Turkish occupation that aims to change the area's demographic and  prohibited people of the area to back their homes and its seeking to join this occupation area to Turkey and after the processes of demographic change they forcing to deal with the Turkish lira instead of the Syrian lira and that is what they are doing in Azaz Jarablus and other cities.



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