Turkish moves increasing at night

The Turkish moves are increasing on the border with the Girê Spî city, although these moves are decreasing at morning and noon, but they remarkably are increasing at night.

For more than a week, on a daily basis, Turkish moves continue on the Syrian-Turkish border off the city of Girê Spî.

Turkish moves include military reinforcements from soldiers and armored vehicles brought by the Turkish state to the border, as well as trenches and other military fortifications.

According to sources from inside Turkey to ANHA, Turkish moves are heavy in the evening hours.

Turkish reconnaissance planes flew over the town of Girê Spî yesterday night, while bringing additional military reinforcements to the border, where the reinforcements were distributed, according to sources, along the border strip west and east of the city.

In the meantime, the region is in a state of calm, Hawar reporters reporting that they are not monitoring any Turkish move on the border.

These developments came as Turkey threatened to launch an aggression against northern and eastern Syria, which was widely rejected in northern and eastern Syria. Residents of Qamishlo, Tal Abyad and Kobanî came to the Turkish-Syrian border to express their rejection of Turkish threats and the consolidation of troops on the border.



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