Turkish mercenaries threaten to kill an abducted from Afrin

The mercenaries of Turkey, who several days ago killed a kidnap victim from Afrin named Rashid Hamid Khalil because his family could not pay a ransom of $ 100,000, are threatening this time to kill another abducted named Ibrahim Khalil Abdo, but this time the ransom is doubled.

Turkey's mercenaries are increasing the pressure on the people of Afrin. After looting property, imposing taxes, burning trees and stealing antiquities, mercenaries have kidnapped, tortured, blackmailed their relatives and demanded ransoms for fictitious release or brutal killing if they cannot secure the required amount.

According to sources from Afrin and published by the network of activists of Afrin and Rumaf news, the mercenaries of Turkey on 8/5/2019 kidnapped the citizen, "Ibrahim Khalil Abdo," nicknamed "Dada Gergi" while working in the olive grove in the village of Badinu of Afrin, The mercenaries continued with the family of the citizen and sent them a photograph of the kidnapped with brutal torture, then, quickly delete the picture so as not to be posted. They demanded the family pay a ransom of $ 200,000 for his release and threatened to kill him if they did not send the money.



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