Turkish mercenaries shot dead Afrinian elderly and child

Today, sources from Afrin's occupied villages, confirmed that the proxy mercenaries of the Turkish occupation killed an old man and a child while they were working in their land in the village of Kamyar, and it was found that the child was shot dead by 40 bullets.

The source stated that the mercenaries of the so-called (Hamza Division) deliberately killed the 70-year-old Abd al-Rahman Hamo while he was working in his land, in addition to killing of the 14-year-old Hamo Jengiz Najjar, who was found gunned 40 shots of a machine gun. He was also plowing his land.

In addition, the source noted, a young man from the village of Kamyar, affiliated to Sherawa sub-district in the occupied Afrin canton, was shot by mercenaries, named Masoud Majid Jammo, 30 years old.


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