Turkish mercenaries must be held accountable; classify them in terrorisim lists

The administrator  in the Martyrs Families' Council in al-Shaddadi district has denounced the massacres of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the people of NE, Syria, and demanded to classify them in the terrorisim lists..

The mercenareis such as Syrian National Army, Jabhet al-Nusra and Islamic State's gangs, which are linked by Turkey, causing in NE, Syria corruption and massive destruction, in particular in occupied areas GIRÊ SPî-Tel-Abyed, Serêkaniyê-Ras al-Ain, where committed massacres by using internationally prophibeted weapons. 

The administrator in the Martyrs Families' Council in al-Shaddadi district, Naji al-Nojoom, said that" large number of indigenous residents had been displaced by Turkey's gangs for fear commmitting horribale crimes, especially childern, women and elderly, in the same way that the terrorist organization ISIS and Jabhet al-Nusra were following "

And added" the majority of elements of these gansg are themselves the elements of ISIS mercenaries, who had been defeated in battles in front of Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, in the areas extanding from Aleppo to Al-Jazeera region “

AL-Nojoom pointed out that what these groups do are inhumane practices and crimes, not to mention the plunder, looting and vandalism of the people in the eyes of the world, "Therefore, we demand, on behalf of Martyrs Families' Council the guarantors of the peace process, and the great countries like Russia, China and the United States of America by listing those factions on the terrorist lists, and stopping Turkey from assisting them and introducing them to sabotage Syria.

And he endedd his speach, saying “we have been living in Syria co-existing for thousands of years, and we will resist hand in hand against any occupier who allow to him self to occupy another land, and we will struggle till the last breath alongside with SDF's fighters defending the gains of the people NE, Syria."



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