Turkish mercenaries loot the antiquities of "Bira Tel" in Afrin

  Local sources from Afrin said that the Turkish occupation mercenaries started to dig the archaeological hill for a day in the area of "Bira Tel" located in the village of Shitka of Mobata district of Afrin canton in search of monuments.

As part of a series of crimes against the indigenous people of Afrin, the mercenaries of the so-called al-Jabha al-Shamia began digging the archaeological hill in the area of Bira Tel.

According to sources who communicated with our agency, the mercenaries prevented the residents of the villages from approaching the area of "Bira Tel", which are the villages of "Shitka, Kakhera and Hessi village, to approach the places of excavation.

The sources pointed out that the mercenaries are using machinery, including two large tractors to excavate the antiquities.



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