​​​​​​​Turkish mercenaries attack a village in Afrin, wounding 13 civilians

At least 13 civilians were wounded in the result of the Turkish mercenaries' attack on Iska village in Afrin, shooting at the people.

Informed sources from Afrin reported to our agency that the village of Iska which in Janders district in Afrin canton was subjected to a raid campaign and attempts to kidnap and steal property by the mercenaries, and when the residents' attempted to defend themselves and their property, the mercenaries fired randomly at the people in the village, which resulted in the injury of 13 civilians at least. The citizen Ali Jemmo and the citizen Muhammad Othman have been known of them.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish intelligence and mercenaries of the so-called "Samarkand and Ahrar al-Sharqiyya" also kidnapped 11 citizens from Kafr Safra village and 7 citizens from the village of Koran in Janders district of Afrin occupied canton, including women.


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