Turkish intelligence begins to transfer mercenaries to send them to Libya

Turkish intelligence began to transfer batches of mercenaries, which are supported by Turkey, from the occupied canton of Tel Abyad towards Turkish territory in preparation for their transfer to Libya.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the Turkish intelligence services began transferring batches of pro-Turkish factions from the Syrian Tal Abyad region to Turkish lands, in preparation for their transfer to Libya.

According to the observatory, the Turkish intelligence services asked the mercenaries of the leaders of the National Army to raise new regulations that include the names of hundreds of fighters to send them to Libya to fight there, in turn the mercenaries of the National Army instructed its factions to do so. And, as a result, factions submitted several lists of names that exceeded the 2,200 names up to the moment, headed by mercenaries Ahrar al-Sharqiyya, Jaish al-Sharqiyya, and Sultan Murad.

In the same context, the Observatory confirmed that Turkey stopped subsidizing some of its mercenaries.



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