​​​​​​​Turkish gendarmes rape child and woman

A child and a woman were both raped by Turkish border guards that beat a group of youths as they were trying to cross into Turkey close to the city of Qamishlo. 

As two separate groups( 4 men and 1 young) and (24 persons of whom women and children) mostly from the city of Qamishlo were trying to cross into Northern Kurdistan at midnight two of them were caught by the Turkish gendarmes. (A.A, 34) and( N.G), 14, were both beaten severely and thrown over the fence that is 4-5high according to information obtained by ANHA from the two youths themselves whose hands and rib cages fractured and even their heads beaten fatally.

According to N.G. they were a group of four persons that were fired at as they trying to cross border, '' two person fled away as we were captured at around 03:30 at dawn''.

''as we were caught they beat us indiscriminately, I right my left hand was fractured'', he said as his body was covered in red and traces of server beat shown.   

According to A.A., they were beaten and dehumanized by the Turkish Border Guards '' with each question posed were received a box, so I went unconscious after beaten at the head''.

The two youths said they were thrown over the border fence at about 08:00 morning local time on Sunday as the other group were delivered to relatives.

According to the same source, a women, 25, and a child, 11, were both raped by the Turkish Border Guards and for familial reasons ANHA sustains from publishing details.



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