Turkish extremists attack peaceful Kurdish march in Vienna for third consecutive day

 For the third consecutive day, Turkish extremists attack a peaceful march for the Kurdish community in Vienna, Austria.

Thousands of the Kurdish community in Austria went out today in a peaceful march in the Austrian capital Vienna, in protest against the crimes of the Turkish state in the regions of southern Kurdistan and northeast of Syria.

The peaceful march organized by members of the Kurdish community, was attacked by Turkish extremists at the instigation of AKP's government.
Sources told the Hawar News Agency that the Kurds are continuing the peaceful march in the meantime, while Austrian police forces cordoned off the venue of the march to prevent attacks by Turkish extremists and AKP's supporters.

And media outlets reported that the Austrian Minister of the Interior, Karl Nehammer said that the Turks attacked the Kurdish demonstration with bottles, stones and fireworks. As a result, two police officers were injured, and the security presence in the area was intensified to prevent the recurrence of these incidents.

Nehammer explained that 12 criminal charges and 22 administrative charges were brought against a number of the accused, and that the weapons used and the identity of a number of detainees were being examined.

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