​​​​​​​Turkish Elections…Woman's vote will be a painful slap to Erdogan - Hevidar Khaled

After the opposition Peoples' Democratic Party announced its entry into the parliamentary elections in Turkey scheduled for May 14th, in the name of the left-wing Green Party and within the "Toil and Freedom" coalition, and to avoid the issue of the possibility of the party being closed in the lawsuit filed against it before the Supreme Constitutional Court, the party launched the electoral campaign in the Kurdish cities. And the spirit of everyone rose again to work and struggle together to achieve amazing results on the ground in these elections. In order to save the country from the domination of the authority of one man who transformed the system of government in the country from parliamentary to presidential, during his rule, and ruled with an iron fist and fire on all civil, military, legal, human rights and media institutions in the country and ordered the closure of human rights and women’s organizations and stripped every one of their most basic rights in life, interfered in the affairs of neighboring countries, and destroyed the economy as a result of his failed foreign and domestic policies and his financing of wars in the region... The list of inhumane and illegal violations and practices is countless, because Erdogan's record is full of crimes against humanity in Turkey, Libya, Syria and Iraq.

The leftist Green Party, which will run in the upcoming elections, is working with a strong will to change the repressive regime that has turned the country into a prison for writers and journalists, especially women among them, and to achieve a democratic system based on the alliance of peoples and components in society and the consolidation of the foundations and principles for building a new phase and developing modern democratic solutions for Turkey. And turning May 14 into the beginning of the end of tyrannical rule and announcing a new life in which freedom and equality prevail, without excluding anyone.

Of course, women, especially Kurdish women, have a great role to play in changing the equation that exists in Turkey, and although they suffer from various types of violence under Erdogan’s rule and are exposed to various practices and violations, they are able to play a prominent and important role in this regard and draw a map of a modern solution according to the foundations and standards of the democratic nation that includes Within it are the elements of coexistence, a common will, and a single and common destiny for all the components, cultures, and nationalities that live in Turkey, such as the Kurds, Turks, Alawites, Circassians, and Arabs, in addition to many other groups such as refugees and workers.

In short, women's participation in elections will open the way for more freedom and democracy. Therefore, everyone, especially women, must participate and work day and night, tirelessly, to save Turkey and its people from the oppression and slavery of Erdogan's fascist rule, and thus they will put an end to the murders that women are exposed to and all manifestations of violence and killing that they face, especially since women have a more important role. ever in order to defeat the fascism of the Justice and Development Party and the nationalist movement, and to hold all those responsible for the crimes and tragedies that befell the Kurds accountable, especially after the catastrophe of the earthquake that hit Turkey, and what was the authority of the Justice and Development government that exacerbated the tragedy of this disaster even more after it deliberately and intentionally not Rapid intervention and rescue of the population, as it left them to face their fate alone under the rubble.

The escalation of the political struggle by women who will represent the left-wing Green Party will pave the way for their entry into parliament, especially those who have nominated themselves to engage in this historic battle, and to strengthen their role further after they adopted a slogan that glorifies women and life, in addition to organizing themselves and their ranks in all cities and regions and turning election day into a celebration. A day to achieve true democracy and end Erdogan's authority; Because the transformation of Turkey into a democratic republic passes through the establishment of the democratic nation system, and that will be with the arms of organized women. Every feminist vote will be a strong slap in the face of Erdogan, and a final blow that defeats the pillars of the fascist regime that is hostile to the Kurds and all other peoples.

T/ Satt.