Turkish drones target families displaced from Tarhuna

Turkish drones targeted a group of cars of displaced families from Tarhuna, south of Sirte.

According to Al-Arabiya Net, the shelling killed two displaced family members, in addition to one of the youths of the city of Sirte, who were providing assistance to the displaced, according to Al-Arabiya network.

While sources said that a Turkish drone targeted military sites of the National Army in Gate 70 south of the city of Sirte.

This comes as Accord forces, led by Turkey, claimed that their "aircraft" carried out 5 strikes south of Sirte targeting vehicles of the Libyan National Army.

Accord forces, led by Turkish forces, entered the city of Tarhuna from 3 axes, under the cover of hovering Turkish drones, which sent specific weapons to the Fayez al-Sarraj government.

The Libyan army spokesman, Major General Ahmed al-Mismari, confirmed that there are great international pressures being exerted on the national army, and he has been asked to retreat 60 kilometers from the Tripoli border.



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