Turkish drone commits massacre in Libya

Major General Ahmed al-Mismari confirmed that Turkish drones targeted at dawn today, a car loaded with foodstuffs east of the city of Mazda, and indicated that 5 civilians were killed as a result of this bombing.

Major General Ahmed al-Mismari said in a statement, "A new crime from the crimes of the booby-butcher, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, against the Libyan people and the Arabs. Today, the Turkish drones committed a massacre that resulted in the killing of at least 5 citizens and their companions from expatriate labor in a criminal act adopted by what is called illegal accord government and informing the agent based in Turkey and Tripoli, alleging targeting a military shipment. "

Al-Mismari confirmed that the fool’s warplanes were unable to confront in the axes of honor that made his warplanes commit foolishness, so he went on to bomb civilian and other food commodities trucks in open places far from the fronts, cities and safe villages, the most recent of which was the bombing that targeted dawn today with “honey bees” Transported in Nessma area, southeast of Mazda.

Major General al-Mismari stressed that the fool Erdogan, the enemy of Arabs and Muslims, continues the policy of restricting the lives of citizens and their trade under these miserable living conditions, thinking that he will starve the Libyans with such criminal bombing and cut off food and medicine from them, in order to force them to acquiesce under his feet as did the defeated Ottoman grandparents in our world Arab.

"The condolences and sympathy for the families of the martyrs and retribution are coming, inevitably," said Libyan National Army spokesman Major General Ahmed al-Mismari.



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