Turkish bombing of government forces' positions in Maaret al-Numan

The Turkish occupation targeted the government forces' sites in Maaret al-Numan, in conjunction with the flight of Turkish armed warplanes in Idlib's airspace.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said: The Turkish forces deployed in "Jabal al-Zawiya" carried out missile strikes on government forces' positions in the city of "Maaret al-Numan," without information about casualties.

This coincided with the intense hovering of the Turkish armed reconnaissance aircrafts "Bayrakdar" in the airspace of Idlib governorate, in addition to the intense flight of Russian reconnaissance aircrafts in the airspace of the region.

While the government forces bombarded with heavy artillery after midnight on Thursday - Friday the areas of al-Fatira, Kansafra, Sufuhn, Fulaifel and other areas in "Jabal al-Zawiya", in addition to the northern countryside of Lattakia.


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