Turkish bombardment's wounded: We to continue our struggle till Afrin liberation

The Turkish bombardment on Tel -Rifat confirmed that the actions of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries were hard proof of their weakness against the resistance of Afrin residents. "We will continue our resistance until the liberation of Afrin," he said.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries who are stationed in Azaz area shelled Tel Rifat district in al-Shahba canton, which is densely crowded by the people of Afrin, who were forcibly displaced, and that at 7:30 pm yesterday.

The occupation targeted the area with more than 10 mortars and artillery shells, resulting in the wounding of five people and martyring another, whose names were Sabri Omar Hamdou (the martyr) from the Arab component and at 65 years, the wounded Fikrat Rasheed, who is at 48 years, Badrkhan Mustafa, who is at 35, Muhram Bakr, who is at 70 years, and Zeinab Abdul Rahman, who is at 54 years.

The medical staff at Avrin Hospital said the injured status was stable, and they would be discharged from the hospital after the necessary tests.

The wounded Muhram Bakr got injured in his left knee, and he explained that he was wounded by a mortar fell near him while searching for his children and his wife when the bombing began.

The citizen Fikrat Rasheed, a resident from Kafar Safre village, who was hit by her left foot said, "We were visiting our relatives in the commune 10, and at 7:30, a shell landed in the house of our relatives, where Sabri was martyred and I was injured."

The injured Badrkhan Mustafa from Shia district confirmed, "Whatever the Turkish occupation does, we will continue to resist until Afrin is liberated."



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